OCSP parsing in client certificate

Beltramini Francesco Francesco.Beltramini at ema.europa.eu
Fri Apr 19 17:18:16 CEST 2013

Ok I see what you mean. 
However, in my first mail I've also specified that: 

openssl x509 -in beltraminif.cer -noout -ocspid -ocsp_uri 
http://crl.ema.europa.eu/ocsp (which is the correct url) 

Do you know what kind of parsing is radius asking to openssl ? 


Francesco Beltramini

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Beltramini Francesco wrote:
> Alan: does the change log refer to certificates without the proper extensions defined ? Because my situation is slightly different, the clients present a certificate that does contain the OCSP properties. 

  See the debug log.  OpenSSL doesn't think so.  It was showing "(null)"
for the various OCSP fields.

  Alan DeKok.
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