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On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Mehdi Ravanbakhsh <babakco at>wrote:

> i get this error in log file when server load is increase .
> Request 55318 has been waiting in the processing queue for 30 seconds.
>  Check that all databases are running properly!
> it means that database not respond to request or freeradius engine ?
If you use db backend, then most likely yes.

> how can i solve this problem ?

If you had to ask then you're not capable to solve it :)

As cruel as that might sound, unfortunately in my experience it's usually
true. You need a dba, or someone with dba capability, to fiind out WHY the
db backend is not responding. Search the list archive for common causes,
which can include:
- acct db too big
- non-optimum indices
- not enough resources (e.g. disk IOPS) in db server
- etc.

On freeradius side, there are things to make it "more friendly" with
database, like decoupled accounting. However I still recommend you find a
dba first before attempting to change anything on FR side.

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