Have anyone test the performance about FreeRADIUS+jRadius on authentication?

Chuang Okis okischuang at outlook.com
Tue Apr 23 10:13:55 CEST 2013

Hi all,Have anyone test the performance about FreeRADIUS+jRadius on authentication?I recently did several numbers of load test with radclient in FreeRADIUS.I used radclient -c 10000 to attack my radius server(with jradius), and found that the results are pretty bad...The call per second was approximately under 50...however I tried without jradius, just files in FreeRADIUS for auth, then result is 10000 request with 13 seconds. Honestly, the gap shocks me..my environment is:FreeRADIUS 2.2.0JRadius 1.1.4jdk 1.7rlm_jradius TCP Socket: 128jradius threads: 100The test was just for authentication load test from gateway to radius server. My jradius handler would just do some easy string splitng for one VSA.Does this be the most probable factor causing the slow processing? Even through I doubt it...Then I did some interesting test later... 
I left my handler empty but still let traffic get into jradius handler through rlm_jradius by TCP socket. 
The result has improved a bit even though not at our level of acceptance.. 
Its TPS (Transaction Per Seconds) improved from 30 to 300 approximately. 

Hence, I'm guessing the bottleneck may be the process of rlm_jradius communication. 
Does anyone get any help or recommendation??Or any other performance tuning tips I can do?
Thanks in advance!
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