Have anyone test the performance about FreeRADIUS+jRadius on authentication?

Okis Chuang okischuang at outlook.com
Wed Apr 24 04:34:14 CEST 2013

Thanks for Alan's quick and kindly reply!

Yes, I'm under this slow performance trouble now....
Actually I tried let it not going into jradius and completing my easy job
only in FreeRADIUS yesterday. And it did it well.
It can finish 10000 auth request in 13 sec.

However, our goal is more than that ... the brief situation is that user
will be redirected to our captive portal during pre-auth if they got IP
address, then doing UAM authentication by web portal to our policy manager
server(built in FreeRADIUS+JRadius). 
We'll do some policy based control with our WiFi gateway like CoA request.
Then would do subscribers' accounting processing(identify some attributes in
accounting packet then modify its value then send to backend acct server).

So supposed I stop using jradius, what kinds of module would you recommend
me to fulfill these jobs such as that? 
Or actually FreeRADIUS can satisfy it by itself? Can it send CoA request to
WiFi gateway after receiving some predefined attribute value with web portal
while it sending access request to FreeRADIUS? I plan to make it become a
policy manager.


Chuang Okis wrote:
> Have anyone test the performance about FreeRADIUS+jRadius on

  Not me.

> The test was just for authentication load test from gateway to radius 
> server. My jradius handler would just do some easy string splitng for 
> one VSA.

  Use Perl.  It's integrated into the server, and should be much faster.

  Or, use a regex.  See "man unlang".  Or, write a C module to do it.

> Does this be the most probable factor causing the slow processing? 
> Even through I doubt it...

  Yes.  It's jradius.

> Then I did some interesting test later... 
> I left my handler empty but still let traffic get into jradius handler 
> through rlm_jradius by TCP socket.
> The result has improved a bit even though not at our level of acceptance..

> Its TPS (Transaction Per Seconds) improved from 30 to 300 approximately. 

  300 is still MUCH slower than 10,000.

> Hence, I'm guessing the bottleneck may be the process of rlm_jradius 
> communication.
> Does anyone get any help or recommendation??
> Or any other performance tuning tips I can do?

  Don't use jradius.  It's very slow.  Use pretty much anything else.

  Alan DeKok.


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