Problem with Discarding packets. It is the Radius, MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Fajar A. Nugraha list at
Thu Apr 25 02:59:57 CEST 2013

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 3:20 AM, Michell <bill.cvel at> wrote:

> So we did the installation of new server Mysql and changed the parameters
> possible and even indicated by mysqltunner and mysqlprimer, but the message
> continued Discarding occurs.

( sigh )

no program can replace a qualified dba. It helps, but is not a replacement.
Thinking "i have used program X tune the db, thus my db is 100%
optimum and there's nothing more I can do on db side" is simply wrong.

> Finally, we migrated the radacct for postgresql, where the number (two
> tables) where the incidence of this message decreased, but remains on
> average 50 per hour to about 1300 sections with pppoe interim-update 5
> minutes.

IMHO 5 minutes is usually overkill.
Then again, you only have 3k users, so that sums up to about 10
interim updates per second. Is your db capable of handling 10k updates
to radacct table? (hint: if you don't know, ask a dba)

> What are the parameters that could be changed to make the tuning of
> freeradius?

Search my post to the list yesterday. Even something as simple as
regular maintenance to keep radacct small-enough and managable helps.

> The question that remains ... MySQL or PostgreSQL?

I say use whatever you're familiar with.

I'm a certified mysql dba, so I stick with mysql on my
implementations. It can handle many simultaneous writes if you use
innodb, have optimum table structure and db settings, and have
sufficient hardware power.

Simply switching from mysql to postgres would probably only give as
much improvement as using innodb storage engine, so don't treat it
like a silver bullet. However if you're more familiar with postgres
and can perform the necessary optimizations, you should definitely use
that instead.

As Alan mentioned, using buffered-sql (or decoupled accounting) might
help in some situations. But again, don't treat it like a silver


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