Retrieve 'Aruba-Location-Id' from RAD_REQUEST

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Fri Apr 26 16:41:46 CEST 2013

Hi, Alan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I added "&log_request_attributes;" in authorize function and it already has sub log_request_attributes in the perl script. When run FR in debug mode, the Aruba-Location-ID does present but when I call $ RAD_REQUEST{'Aruba-Location-Id'} from rlm_perl, it came up empty.

Any more suggestions? Thanks again.

Yu Wang

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tired eyes so might have missed something obvious...but can you add the following into your authorise subroutine at the top


and ensure you have the following at the bottom

sub log_request_attributes {
	for (keys %RAD_REQUEST) {
		&radiusd::radlog(L_DBG, "RAD_REQUEST: $_ = $RAD_REQUEST{$_}");

..then run FR is debug mode again and see what comes out.


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