FW: Freeradius-UsRe: Originate CoA Request After Receiving Access-Accepters Digest, Vol 96, Issue 88

Okis Chuang okischuang at outlook.com
Sat Apr 27 07:39:10 CEST 2013

> Okis Chuang wrote:
> > From the originate-coa documentation, it seems I can?t originate 
> > coa-request at the section of pre-proxy or post-proxy.
> >
> > It?s documented, pretty clear.
>   It's nice to hear that the documentation helps. :)
	I thought docs are very helpful at most of time. :p

> > I?m not sure whether it is the cause of my following questions.
>   It is.
> > But what if I need two steps below finished continually both in the 
> > same
> > move:
> >
> > 1.      **proxy** auth request to other AAA dispatcher(also FreeRADIUS)
> > to decide where to authenticate.
>   That's easy.
> > 2.      Getting Access-Accept in post-auth, then originate coa request
> > at once in order to change redirect profile to forward profile for 
> > subscriber.
>   That's hard.  At least with "originate-coa".

	So.. the core concept of *originate-coa* is just "proxy-the-coa"
instead of initiating a coa request?

>   The short answer is that you can run "radclient" as an external 
> program from the post-proxy section.  It's ugly, but it will work.
	Hmm..that is indeed an alternative, but like you said, it's kind of
not a neat way to achieve my goal.
	And I'm worrying that might have some performance issue if supposed
I will have high traffic.

> > But I got the warning that **cannot proxy and originate CoA packets 
> > at the same time**.
>   Yes.  We're looking into fixing that for 3.0.
	No offense, I'm curious that why can't view these two request:
"Proxy-Auth Request" and "CoA Request" as two independent request?
	Or this is about some kind of concern on designation? I thought that
was intuitive until I saw the result and got your kind but hopeless response
: (

> > Actually I move the coa origination to my AAA dispatcher, it also 
> > can?t works and occurs the same warning.(It makes sense because both 
> > are doing coa request after proxying auth request I guess.
>   Originating a CoA packet is really proxying it.  And the server 
> can't proxy to two different destinations.
	Ok. I got your point.
> > So here are my questions:
> >
> > 1.      Does this flow works possibly in my scenario? I mean can I
> > originate coa at once after getting Access-Accept?
>   Not today.

	Does this would be a difficult demand? 
> > 2.      What if I set a **virtual coa server** for receiving coa request
> > from itself, then send to gateway at the section of
>   That won't change anything.
>   It may be easy to originate CoA packets *after* proxying.  Just so 
> long as it doesn't do both at the same time.

	What do you mean *after*? The next any-kind-of request?
	But I really need they do it in the same sequence. It a bit upset

>   I'll see if I have time to look into it.
	Thanks Alan! Thanks your contribution and devotion to FreeRADIUS. 
	It's really impressive. Not a compliment at all. lol

>   Alan DeKok.
> ------------------------------

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