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Nick Khamis symack at
Tue Apr 30 21:03:29 CEST 2013

Hello Alan,

Thanks so much for your response. I can provide a specific example.
In the client we have defined:

modparam("acc", "aaa_extra", "  Sip-From-Tag=$si;

In the included dictionary.sip:

ATTRIBUTE       Sip-From-Tag                  105     string
ATTRIBUTE       Sip-To-Tag                      104     string

Partial accounting start query:

'%{Sip-From-Tag}', \

The values are not saved to the corresponding fields in the DB, however, they
are included in the log file:

Sip-From-Tag = "E94C56E1-DE9870DE"
Sip-To-Tag = "as53e58d9c"

Thanks in Advance,


On 4/30/13, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
> Nick Khamis wrote:
>> Hello Arran,
>> Thank you so much for your response. I have added the following to the
>> SIP dictionary we are using:
>> ATTRIBUTE       NAS-Port-Type                   61      integer
>> Please excuse my learning process. Is this considered an accounting
>> request?
>   No.
>   A dictionary is just a dictionary.  Like a normal dictionary.  It
> defines something.  It doesn't *do* anything.
>   You'll have to modify the source code of the client in order to add
> NAS-Port-Type to accounting packets.
>   Alan DeKok.
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