Freeradius won't bind to port if running as user AND started as root, but works fine if started as the radius user.

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Thu Aug 1 00:36:11 CEST 2013

On 07/31/2013 07:06 AM, Matthew Schumacher wrote:
> List,
> This is odd, I can't seem to figure out what the deal is with this.
> This works:
> As root user; /usr/sbin/radius -X
> As root user; /usr/sbin/radius (when user= and group= is commented out
> and running as root)
> As radius user; /usr/sbin/radius -X
> As radius user;  /usr/sbin/radius (when user=radius and group=user)
> This doesn't work:
> As root user;  /usr/sbin/radius (when user=radius and group=user)

Ok, this has something to do with the ldap and sql modules and nsswitch.
 If I comment out the ldap and sql modules then the server starts and
binds to the correct ports as the radius user, but of course doesn't do
anything with ldap or sql (postgres).

If I change /etc/nsswitch.conf from:

passwd:         files ldap
shadow:         files ldap
group:          files ldap


passwd:        compat
group:         compat

Then it will start with ldap and sql enabled and bind to the ports.

I need to look at this some more as I'm not running a super common combo
(slackware 14.0/nss_ldap-265).  I could have my config messed up, but
then again, the nsswitch config is pretty simple and I'm not using pam.

Any quick ideas before I start really digging?


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