WiMAX TLV value correct in debug but not correct in packet capture

James Leavitt james.leavitt at corp.xplornet.com
Thu Aug 1 13:45:48 CEST 2013

The last attempt was on a dedicated piece of hardware, not a VM. I also 
switched the OS to 64bit.

As for the network card, since I get this in the VM system (v2 rpm and 
V3 compiled), and on the dedicated hardware (Fedora 19 rpm), and I am 
performing the capture on the radius server itself (before it hits the 
card) this shouldn't be the problem (or if it is I'm going to buy a 
lottery ticket).

The config on the latest system is all in file, made it as basic as I 

Radclient is a good suggestion, I will try it and see what happens, 
perhaps it will yield something interesting, perhaps a strange 
interaction that the client itself is causing.



On 08/01/2013 12:02 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Re: WiMAX TLV value correct in debug but not correct in packet capture
> James Leavitt wrote:
> > I just rebuilt a new server on a newer os (and 64 bit vs 32), and I am
> > still seeing the same issue.
>   Weird...
> > I must have something messed up somewhere. Only thing is order of the
> > whole structure is different from my prod, but that shouldn't matter.
>   It's hard to mess up basic RADIUS packet encoding.  The whole point of
> the server design is that you *can't* mess it up.  You deal with
> "Attribute = value", not with hex bytes in a packet.
> > Here's my eap.conf just in case there is something worth looking at,
> > most significant changes that I've done here is "copy_request_to_tunnel
> > = yes" and  "use_tunneled_reply = yes":
>   Nothing there is relevant.
>   What happens when you put the sample entry into the "users" file, and
> run "radclient" with a fixed name / password?  If the encoding is still
> broken, then the problem is definitely not EAP.
>   I fail to see how the encoding can be broken... especially on v2 and
> v3, which have completely different packet encoders.  Are you sure that
> nothing else in the network is breaking the packets?
>   i.e. is your network card OK?
>   What happens when you try to run it on different physical hardware?
>   I've seen issues like this before when a network card was broken.
> Change the card (or entire machine), and the problem goes away.
>   Alan DeKok.
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