Freeradius -username for authentication is not picking from users file.

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Mon Aug 5 09:33:22 CEST 2013

On 5 Aug 2013, at 08:20, rajeev sr <rajeevsr at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to run the radtest on local machine which is CentOS 6.0. But am getting the following error while sending the Access Request message from client which is another machine.
> The user name is defined in users file under /usr/local/etc/raddb. But still am getting the error. I had provided the snapshot received on radiusd –Xx in the end.  Can you please help me in figuring out the issue?

"Fri Aug  2 16:45:38 2013 : Debug:   WARNING: Unprintable characters in the password.  Double-check the shared secret on the server and the NAS!"

I really fail to see what's ambiguous about that error...

The shared secret on the NAS and the RADIUS server is wrong and it's failing to decode the user's password correctly. Make sure the shared secret is the same on the NAS and the relevant client in clients.conf.

Don't response with "but they're the same", because they're not.  You've either misconfigured the NAS or the RADIUS server.  We can't help you figure out which.


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