Problem in freeradius 2.1.10, ldap and huntgroups

ville at ville at
Mon Aug 5 12:22:18 CEST 2013


I have installed fr 2.1.10 w openldap and I can authenticate users  
against ldap.
I have also added groups in ldap and allowed ldap module to search  
groups and it also works fine.

Now the problem is that is huntgroups wont work. I need to restrict  
access to NAS for specific groups. I can see that groups match  
"rlm_ldap::ldap_groupcmp: User found in group xxxx", huntgroup match  
wont work.

file huntgroups:

xxxx           NAS-IP-Address  ==

file users:

DEFAULT Ldap-Group == "xxxx"
    Huntgroup-Name == "xxxx"

I am very glad for any help and if someone have better solution for  
this i'm happy to hear it. There is about 600 NAS (sw's and routers)  
for different customers and we need to provide mgmt access to  
customers and our NOC staff, so i think we need to use huntgroups w  
groups and if someone have example for this one I'm very glad for that  

Best regards,

Ville Leinonen

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