Can't figure out Group Authentication

Jernej notic1 at
Thu Aug 8 14:56:26 CEST 2013


i am kindly asking for help or pointing right way to solve this problem.

Right now we are using LDAP for authentication to IBM products. Last thing
we try to do is use Freeradius on same LDAP schema for wireless purposes
(Cisco network). We didn't have problems with  basic authentication, but
when we try to implement Groups in same way than we used before we hit a
hard rock.

Our LDAP schema looks like:

ou= entries
    + ou= groups
          + ou=services
                + cn=wireless -> uniquemember : uid=user0001, ou=users,
                                         uniquemember : uid=user0002,
ou=users, ou=entries
    + ou=users
          + uid = user0001 mail = user1 at pass: something
          + uid = user0002 mail = user2 at pass: something

We are authenticating user by mail and password attribute.

Is it possible to make search to met this criterias?

Thank you and have a nice day.
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