brocade dictionnary on freeradius 2-2.1.7

Stephane Branchoux stephane.branchoux at
Wed Aug 28 08:41:38 CEST 2013


I recently upgraded my freeradius from 1.1.7 to 2-2.1.7 but i can't load
my brocade dictionnary.

I tried a new version of this file , like this :

But when i start radiusd, i have this error :

including dictionary file /etc/raddb/dictionary
Errors reading dictionary: dict_init:
/usr/share/freeradius/dictionary.brocade[8]: unknown option "Brocade"

Any idea ?

Many thanks

stephane BRANCHOUX
Centre de Ressources Informatiques de l'Université de Perpignan.
mailto:stephane.branchoux at
04 68 66 21 24

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