EAP-Peap-MSchapv2 proxy from innertunnel

Robert Roll Robert.Roll at utah.edu
Thu Aug 29 16:56:44 CEST 2013

 I guess I assumed the   id: in the TCP dump   below was the "EAP Response Identifier"  maybe not ? Is there a different
EAP response identifier ?

 I actually have been running with debug radius -X. Obviously a lot longer output than just the TCP dump.
That is why I first tried just the TCP dump. I guess I was also hoping somebody might have just
had a thought about a common configuration issue...

 I just went back to run another test and the proxy server now seems to be down. This server
is run by our network group and I don't know when it might be back..  As soon as it
comes back, I will run and capture the debug and see if I can see the EAP-message AVP's ?
I will also post the debug



07:03:51.354527 IP FR-2.10.1814 > ISE-proxy.radius: RADIUS, Access Request (1), id: 0xde length: 246
07:03:51.371848 IP ISE-proxy.radius > FR-2.10.1814: RADIUS, Access Challenge (11), id: 0xde length: 132

07:03:51.384449 IP FR-2.10.1814 > ISE-proxy.radius: RADIUS, Access Request (1), id: 0xa8 length: 306
07:03:51.386386 IP ISE-proxy.radius > FR-2.10.1814: RADIUS, Access Reject (3), id: 0xa8 length: 49

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On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 01:35:25PM +0000, Robert Roll wrote:
>  I'm getting an EAP error response from the other server about it not liking the
> id number
>       "Supplicant sent unmatched EAP response packet identifier"

EAP Response identifier sent by the client has to match EAP Request identifier
sent by the server which would be ISE.

can you see the EAP-Message AVPs sent and received by freeradius? identifier is the second

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