Freeradius2 and sqlite

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Sat Aug 31 17:10:54 CEST 2013

Hi Arran,

In sql.conf as follow:

sql {
        #  Set the database to one of:
        #       mysql, mssql, oracle, postgresql
        database = "mysql"

        #  Which FreeRADIUS driver to use.
        driver = "rlm_sql_${database}"

        # Connection info:
        server = "localhost"

Where should I declare the connection to sqlite file?

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> Hi Arran,
> I know and I can make FR work with mysql, but I don't have any sql.conf
example that works with sqlite. Could you give an example sql.conf file?

The default sql.conf file will work with sqlite.  The queries however may

version 3.0.0 has queries specifically for sqlite, so  you may want to try

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