Fwd: Setting up Radius proxy - Urgent request

khali singh khali3620 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 07:29:03 CET 2013


I wish to use a freeradius server which proxies all requests for users from
test.com to another radius server.
I read up a lot and configured the proxy.conf to have new realm as follows:

realm test.com {
     type = radius
     authhost        =
     secret          = my_secret_with_other_radius_server

However, when I get a request from a user from that domain, I see the
following output:

Mon Dec  1 08:22:50 2013 : Info: [suffix] Looking up realm "test.com" for
User-Name = "testuser at test.com"
Mon Dec  1 08:22:50 2013 : Info: [suffix] No such realm "test.com"
Mon Dec  1 08:22:50 2013 : Info: ++[suffix] returns noop

Can someone help me with this. I would be really very grateful. I think I
am missing some configuration but I am new to freeradius.

Thanks to all!
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