copy-acct to home server from specific NAS

Johansson, Daniel Daniel.Johansson2 at
Mon Dec 2 16:20:34 CET 2013

Hi Freeradius-users

We have configured copy-acct-to-home-serverA and copy-acct-to-home-serverB in our radius
Configured two realms, two home_servers and have two detail files.

This works fine it copies the accounting hitting FR to the two home_servers.

However we have 20NAS servers sending accounting to the FR and we only want to copy-acct from two of the NAS servers

How can we configure FR to only copy acct to home servers when it comes from NAS1 and NAS2?
We can identify the NASes by Called-Station-Id == nas1

We have tried using check-items like below, but it doesn't work as we expected, nothing is sent to the home server.

server copy-acct-to-home-serverA {
        listen {
                type = detail
update control {
                        Called-Station-Id == nas1, Proxy-To-Realm := realmA

I guess we are doing something wrong with check items and attributes?

Freeradius version 2.2.0
Ubuntu 12.04


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