copy-acct to home server from specific NAS

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On 2 Dec 2013, at 15:20, Johansson, Daniel <Daniel.Johansson2 at> wrote:

> Hi Freeradius-users
> We have configured copy-acct-to-home-serverA and copy-acct-to-home-serverB in our radius
> Configured two realms, two home_servers and have two detail files.
> This works fine it copies the accounting hitting FR to the two home_servers.
> However we have 20NAS servers sending accounting to the FR and we only want to copy-acct from two of the NAS servers
> How can we configure FR to only copy acct to home servers when it comes from NAS1 and NAS2?
> We can identify the NASes by Called-Station-Id == nas1
> We have tried using check-items like below, but it doesn't work as we expected, nothing is sent to the home server.
> server copy-acct-to-home-serverA {
>         listen {
>                 type = detail
> update control {
>                         Called-Station-Id == nas1, Proxy-To-Realm := realmA
>                 }
> I guess we are doing something wrong with check items and attributes?

preacct {
	if (Calling-Station-ID == 'nas1') {
		update control {
			Proxy-To-Realm := realmA

Real unlang code works better than invented...

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