Freeradius/LDAP/MySQL/Huntgroup - 2 Profiles for same equipment

Francislaine Moreno francislaine.moreno at
Mon Dec 2 17:42:48 CET 2013



I'm using google translator, I apologize.


I'm using Freeradius with a database in MySQL and groups in OpenLDAP.


Huntgroup'm using to create profiles of equipment.

And the NAS table to record the switches.


My problem is that when authenticating switches the Ciscos, the ENABLE
profile, access works perfectly, but in the EXEC profile, no.


The conflict is that signed up as the IP switch, ENABLE the first group,
even if that user is logging in, belongs only to the EXEC group, FreeRadius
to do the research, get the information that the switch belongs to ENABLE.


I'm trying to find some way to differentiate the same IP / switch in 2
different huntgroups.


Thank you for your help.

Francislaine Aquino

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