Acct and Auth on single port

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Dec 3 15:02:06 CET 2013

Jonathan Moore wrote:
> Is it possible to have both accounting a authorization requests on a
> single port?  I have a bit of legacy equipment that has a single
> configuration option for radius port, and appears to send both the
> account and authorization packets to whatever port is defined there.

  That equipment is garbage.  The RADIUS protocol has *always* used two

> I have tried created two listen directives both using the same port and
> listing auth in one and acct in the other, with no success.

  Yeah, that won't work.

> Is there some method to making this work, or am I stuck with just not
> getting accounting from this device?

  FreeRADIUS doesn't support this, but it might not be hard.  I just
don't see the point.  It's a rare situation to deal with broken legacy

  You could hack the server source to allow it (src/main/listen.c).  But
honestly, that equipment is probably 20 years old, and never worked
right in the first place.

  Alan DeKok.

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