Server returns Access-Accept but client is not authenticated

Clement Ogedengbe c.ogedengbe at
Tue Dec 10 11:30:09 CET 2013

The authentication is proxied from the front end server to the back end server. The front end server assigns appropriate VLAN and authenticates user based on response from the back end server. The logs on the front end and back end servers showed MSCHAP authentication request returns Access-Accept but user doesn't get authenticated.

This problem doesn't occur when I directed the same front end server to an alternate back end server with similar configuration as the other one. I am really confused as this has worked all along until recently, a few days after updating the server's hardware firmware. Nothing else has changed.

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> MSCHAP authentication request returns Access-Accept, but the client does not get authenticated. We have two servers with similar config. Authentication request sent to the other server is OK. I ant figure out what the issue is.

RADIUS server is sending Access-Accept - crucially thats the key thing here - its doing its job.

something else isnt. is the VLAN/WLAN up /active - is the response getting back to the NAS slower than the NAS expects?


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