Freeradius+LDAP+MYSQL Simultaneous-Use

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1.) Create One Radius Group, We Say Profile (Using DaloRadius Web Front
end Interface (Easy)
2.) Attach Some Attributes To That Group such as, simulation-use := 2 (Using
DaloRadius Web Front end Interface (Easy)
3.) Add user To That Group (Using DaloRadius Web Front end Interface (Easy)
4.) Restart FreeRadius
5.) By Doing All This You Have Configure To Check If User is Not Already
Login When Authenticating. Therefore
5.)  simulation-use := 2 must be check item.

Importent !!

in default virtual server file, look accounting area

accounting {
        #  For Simultaneous-Use tracking.
        #  Due to packet losses in the network, the data here
        #  may be incorrect.  There is little we can do about it.
#       radutmp
#       sradutmp

        #  Return an address to the IP Pool when we see a stop record.
#       main_pool

        #  Log traffic to an SQL database.
        #  See "Accounting queries" in sql.conf


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> Hi All,
> Appreciate someone can help on how to get Simultaneous-Use
> function working with Freeradius+MYSQL+LDAP, any link or website will be
> helpful.
> Regards,
> Alex
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