received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. malloc_consolidate (av=0x7ffff5e2de80) at malloc.c:5196

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>>> I'll submit another bug report
>> Ok here are the pull requests for MIT krb5, i'll do the configure and packaging scripts tomorrow.
> I have patched krb5 on CentOS 6.5 and first tests seems to be fine!
> CentOS 6.5 uses krb5 1.10.3 and I had to adopt the function names:
> k5_copy_etypes
> k5_copy_etypes
> to
> krb5int_copy_etypes
> krb5int_copy_etypes

OK :) Glad it works.

I've modified the configure scripts to disable threading on kerberos <= 1.11.4, but it's not perfect
due to the wide range of version formats that seem to be in use.

Leaving packages for now until I can determine whether it'd break other things on suse/redhat/debian.

Thread support shouldn't matter unless you're going to be loading the system quite heavily.
If you want to enable it manually, add '-DKRB5_IS_THREAD_SAFE' to

Thanks for reporting the bugs.


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