pap normalizing ssha1-password from base64 encoding segmentation fault

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Fri Dec 20 12:59:08 CET 2013

On 19 Dec 2013, at 18:07, Marco Aresu <marcoaresu at> wrote:

> Hi all
> during the debug of Radiusd i ve got the follow error :
> "pap normalizing ssha1-password from base64 encoding
> segmentation fault
> I am using freeradius-2.1.12
> Any could help me? I tried to read some topic but i didn't find the
> real solution. The OS is CentOS and there isn't any upgrade available
> for Freeradius.

Build a newer version from source.

But out of interest, what exactly were you expecting the response here to be?

Did you want us to build you new RPMs? byte code patches? Magic unicorns to 
gallop across the platters of your server's hard disks, fixing all your 
FOSS with their sparkly pink hoofprints?

There's obviously an issue in the PAP module or the base64 functions present 
in 2.1.12. it's probably been fixed, seeing as that version is now 2 years old
and that's pretty well used code.

Saying you can't upgrade because there aren't RPMs available is a poor 
excuse. Even if you don't want to build from source, there are redhat 
spec files included in the tarballs, which you could use to build your own

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