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Good morning Alan, I have the server in production and I want to do things carefully. While I understand that your role is not to teach this me, but I appreciate if you check what I'll do.
My distribution is debían and I have the following packages installed:


The packages that are installed on the server are:

freeradius                                      install
freeradius-common                               install
freeradius-utils                                install
libfreeradius2                                  install
libfreetype6                                    install

I should do:
- First, I've copied the entire folder /etc/freeradius in another folder for saving my configuration
- I've to download the version 2.2.3 (wget ftp://ftp.freeradius.org/pub/freeradius/freeradius-server-2.2.3.tar.gz)
- dpkg -r (for each. deb?)
- move to the new folder created freeradius-server-2.2.3 and ./configure --with-dhcp


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Laura Marzà Porcar wrote:
> Thanks Alan, Then there will be two different instances of the application or the application will be updated?

  You will need to re-install everything.  Uninstall the RPM.  You can't have two versions of FreeRADIUS on the same machine.

  Alan DeKok.
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