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Hi Laura:

Am 24.12.13 07:38 schrieb(en) Laura Marzà Porcar:
> Thanks Rui, is a good advice, but the problem is that I need to install the dhcp, and the only way I've seen to do it is with ./configure --with-dhcp.
> The first thing I did was apt-get update and then an apt-get install freeradius, but it says that is already in the latest version

You could download the source deb package, tweak the options, and build your own deb's.  This has the advantage that all the other infrastructure the package maintainers provide works as with the official packages.  This is the way I add "local tweaks" on my servers...

There are many examples on the web for that.  Basically, say

   sudo apt-get install devscripts
   sudo apt-get build-dep freeradius
   apt-get source freeradius

In the source folder, edit the file debian/rules and tweak the configure option.  Then edit the file debian/changelog and add an extra entry (like the others in the file) at the top, extending the version info by a "local" suffix, e.g. (for Ubuntu "saucy"; change according for your needs)

freeradius (2.1.12+dfsg-1.2ubuntu5laura) saucy; urgency=low

   * add dhcp option for my server

  -- your name <your.mail at company.es>  Tue, 24 Dec 2013 13:42:19 +0100


Then say

   debuild -us -uc -b

which produces "freeradius-*-1.2ubuntu5laura" deb packages.  Just install them...  Remember that you should *not* automagically update ("apt-get upgrade") freeradius.  Instead, whenever the package maintainers provide a new version, repeat the procedure above.

I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas,
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