user session & accounting mgmt

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 5 16:17:07 CET 2013

Suresh Kumar Subramanian wrote:
> How do we maintain the session time in free radius?

  RADIUS doesn't do that.

> For example, a given user the session time is configured for 1 hour.
> After 1 hour, radius server should initiate "Session disconnect message"
> for the user to the NAS.

  No.  RADIUS doesn't do that.  The NAS maintains the timer.  The NAS
disconnects the user after one hour.  The RADIUS server does nothing.

> 2) where freeradius logs the  accounting information?  I have not
> configured the mysql. Does freeradius supports flat file for storing
> accounting records.?

  Yes.  Read the "accounting" section of raddb/sites-available/default

  Alan DeKok.

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