Degradation of service when authentication fails with Windows AD

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Feb 5 16:19:20 CET 2013

Antonio Alberola wrote:
> I'm having random authentication failures and I think they are due to a
> Radius server internal failure. I use Radius for authenticating the email of
> users in Windows Active Directory via PAM.

  Don't do that.   Use Samba.  See my web page for instructions:

> I need help to find the cause of the problem and fix it. I do not know yet
> if the problem is in the domain controllers, in the PAM module or in Radius.
> But everything seems to point to Radius.

  No.  It's PAM.  The RADIUS server is sending you the message because
PAM is broken, and PAM is *not* sending any messages.

  If your car says the gas tank is empty, you don't fix it by changing
the gas display on the car dashboard.  You go to the root of the
problem, and fill the gas tank.

  Alan DeKok.

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