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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the quick reply.

So, pam module can't be used. 

How can I set it up in Radius using rlm_password?

Ahmed Sajid.

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ahmed.sajid at wrote:
> First of all, I would like to say that the website is very very useful.


> I have be able to setup pam_radius_auth with Kerberos, just by 
> following the instructions on the website.

  Documentation is good.  Following the documentation is great.

> Now to my question, does anybody know how to setup radius to it can 
> map user to a local user. For example, user’s username is ‘test’ but 
> on the local machine the user should be logged on but with user (let’s 
> say) ‘steve’.

  For the pam_radius_auth module?  You can't.

  For FreeRADIUS, you can use rlm_passwd to map a key to another value.

  Alan DeKok.
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