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Duane Cox duanecox at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 15:48:44 CET 2013

I am working on this as well.

I have a spare CMTS, cable modems, and linux box next to me, with the intention of replacing ISC dhcp with freeradius (as freeradius already does the auth on the cablemodems).

I've managed to get parts of it working, and will be spending some more time on it to finish it up.
If interested, let's try to consolidate and document the efforts.


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What would need to be done in dhcp setup in order to have radusergroup/radcheck/radreply/radacct-alike behavior?

I am trying to make it work with cable equipment (CM,MTA,CPE) but i am not sure how to start. CM and MTA would have static IP addresses (sql prefered because of additional replies: boot-file,dns,gateway etc.) and CPE's would have dynamic IP address assigned.

I am willing to do some serious tests and get back with results because if everything works ok i would switch to freeradius from standard ISC dhcpd.

Thank you
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