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> On Monday, February 18, 2013, Mobin Yazarlou wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 9:50 PM, Phil Mayers <p.mayers at>wrote:
>>> On 18/02/13 18:02, Mobin Yazarlou wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>   I am using freeradius v2.1.12 with MySQL support and noticed if a user
>>>> disconnect when radius server is down, NAS can not inform radius about
>>>> user being disconnected and radius assume user is still online after
>>>> coming up again. This restricts user from connecting again when you set
>>>> simultaneous-use to 1.
>>>>   Is there any solution for this? My NAS is pptpd on Debian 6.
>>> RADIUS uses UDP, and NASes don't "save" accounting packets which don't
>>> get a reply; they usually send 1-5 attempts over a few seconds, then give
>>> up (or move to the 2nd RADIUS server).
>>> You need to take this into account.
>>> Possible solutions include some combination of:
>>>  1. Use interim accounting. Then, use a script to expire any sessions
>>> which have not seen accounting packets in X*interim-interval; X==3 for
>>> example
>>>  2. Setup a 2nd RADIUS accounting server and ensure your NAS has both
>>> servers configured. Use one of several configs to write the accounting data
>>> to a robust, replicated database. One way to do this is with the "robust"
>>> accounting that comes with FreeRADIUS.
>>>  3. Use a script to check your NASes active sessions and compare to
>>> accounting data at a certain interval.
>>> ...and so on.
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>> Hi,
>>  That you for the quick reply Phil. The solutions you have provided
>> brought new thing into my mind.
>>  I was thinking about similar scenarios that I found out if NAS crashes,
>> same thing will happen. Clients will get disconnected due to NAS
>> unavailability and when NAS is unavailable, radius won't be notified about
>> users getting disconnected.
>>  By taking this into consideration, the most effective solution would be
>> the first or the third approach you have listed. And between this two
>> solutions, the last one seems to be easier to implement.
>>  Please correct me if I am wrong.
>> Thank you,
>> Moby
> Hi Phil & Moby,
> I am also interested in this solution since experiencing the same problem.
>  I liked the solution no1.
> But I have no idea where I can get that script but I can modify if I have
> one.
> Thanks / RM--
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Hi Mike,
 Now it is an hour that I am looking for a built-in solution or a
ready-to-use script. The only thing I found was
This problem could be solved if RADIUS was responsible for handling this
attribute but from what I read, it's the NAS's responsibility.

 I hope someone helps us to find the easiest and most effective solution.

Thank you,
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