freeradius-proxy with Rlm_cache

Dominique Frise dominique.frise at
Wed Feb 20 09:38:42 CET 2013


We would like to configure a freeradius proxy-server v. 2.2.0 under 
RHEL6 with users caching.

The scenario we would like to achieve is the following:

1. client sends username/OTP to freeradius-proxy that relays to central 
radius server.
Central radius server accepts and replies to freeradius-proxy that 
relays to client.

2. client sends same username/OTP within TTL to freeradius-proxy that 
accepts and replies to client.

This should be possible using Rlm_cache module but we did not find a 
proper how-to for configuring this.

Any help much appreciated.


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