Radius server failed to respond

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 15:10:12 CET 2013

On 20/02/13 13:08, ahmed.sajid at stfc.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> That could be the problem.
> I am using LDAP to get user information. getent passwd works okay
> everytime.... I have system to use LDAP for accounting. Do I have to
> set it up in FreeRadius as well? Or shall I do either or?

I don't understand any of that, I'm afraid.

The log you posted shows pam_radius failing because getservbyname() 
failed. getservbyname() uses NSS. Fix NSS to be reliable and this error 
will go away. This is not a RADIUS problem.

You should just remove "ldap" from "services" in /etc/nsswitch.conf - 
it's pointless and unhelpful. But it's not a RADIUS problem, and thus OT 
for this list.

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