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Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Wed Feb 20 23:57:28 CET 2013

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 10:46:59PM +0100, tabibel sami wrote:
> Hello, i try to make a virtual infrastructure for testing wireless eap
> authtication via freeradius, so i created three virtual machine for
> supplicant, authenticator (point access), radius server
> i installed wpa_supplicant on first machine, freeradius on server, but i
> have no idea on how can i simulate a point access whith a linux virtual
> machine. please help me !

If you are just interested in testing EAP, then you only need one
machine. Your test setup is never going to be able to test the
behaviour of different APs out there anyway, so to do that you'd
want to just do it for real.

Build wpa_supplicant, and make sure you build the eapol_test
program. It's not enabled in the wpa_supplicant defconfig file by

Then build or install freeradius.

eapol_test takes the same config files as wpa_supplicant, but
rather than talking EAP (as a supplicant) over wireless, it just
sends the EAP directly in RADIUS packets.

FreeRADIUS by default listens on localhost with secret testing123,
and comes with a selection of conf files for eapol_test, so you
can point it at localhost for testing your EAP.

Of course, you can run eapol_test on a different machine than
FreeRADIUS if you want to - just make sure you set up a client for
the test machine in the FR config.


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