Free Radius 2.1.1 showing clear text password at the debug mode

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Feb 21 10:35:10 CET 2013


>    I'm new to Radius. So basically i tried to setup 2 Radius server, one runs
>    on our SLES 10 PROD (Radius and Novell LDAP sit on the same server) - this
>    is works fine using eap_mschapv2 authentication. Radius version is 1.X. We
>    use Radius to authenticate our wireless and get LDAP authentication. So no
>    issue with this.

debugging is all about debugging - finding out the problems - hence things are shown.
the password is shown because there could be a mismatch. back in the 1.x day some
things were still opaque....ongoing debates of 'users password is wrong' : 'oh no it isnt' :
'oh yes it is' : 'oh no it.....oh wait, yes, their password was wrong'. pointless.

>    Second server - SLES 11 ; i get the installer directly from Novell and its
>    use version 2.1.1. So it seems the config way is different but i did try
>    match with the Radius 1.X config (just a dffierent module i guess).

ummm, hope you didnt just copy/paste the configs. you need to ensure that the 2.x config
has the right options pset...but not configured in the same way. there is a reason why its
FreeRADIUS 2.x rather than 1.x - you need to adapt your config for the new version.


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