Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 21 18:12:21 CET 2013

David Peterson wrote:
> I had a bit of code cause a segfault in 3.0.0. 

  See doc/bugs.

>               Message-Authenticator =  "%{Message-Authenticator}"

  Don't do that.  Message-Authebnticator is calculated automatically.

  Just do:

	Message-Authenticator = 0x00

> Is there any reason I could not add this to sites-enabled/default?

  Well, the server should work.

> Here is the entry in syslog:
> Feb 21 11:18:59 freeradius1 kernel: [6021244.475983] radiusd[8535]:
> segfault at 80 ip 0000000000410ad7 sp 00007fff32516300 error 4 in
> radiusd[400000+57000]

  That gives really no useful information.  See doc/bugs

  Alan DeKok.

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