David Peterson davidp at
Thu Feb 21 19:31:15 CET 2013

I just put this together yesterday but just in case:

>From git://
   f822263..99fedbc  master     -> origin/master
 * [new branch]      talloc3    -> origin/talloc3
Already up-to-date.

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David Peterson wrote:
> Does this help at all or am I going about this wrong:

  It helps.

> Exiting normally.
> ==10285== Invalid read of size 8
> ==10285==    at 0x40DA08: cf_section_parse_free (conffile.c:344)
> ==10285==    by 0x7889C50: eaptype_free (mem.c:253)

  Do a "git pull".  The master branch has had a lot of changes over the past
week.  You've probably got a version which didn't have all of the fixes.

  Alan DeKok.

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