eap over lan simulation

tabibel sami sami.tabibel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 03:56:02 CET 2013

Hi freeradiusers,
    In purpose to implementing eap-sim supplicant i created the following
virtual infrastructure :

        supplicant -------------------------- NAS (Access Point)
--------------------------------------------- freeradius server           Ethernet    

supplicant :: is my real computer
NAS:: is a vmplayer virtual machien
and freeradius server: is lxc container (virtual machine too)

i have to test communications between supplicant <-> NAS and then between
NAS <-> server
thanks to eapol_test i can know test udp communications between NAS and
server (thank you matthew your answer was very apreciated)
and know i have to test (simulate, understand )802.1x eap communication
between supplicant and nas, i can't find a way to simulate a NAS (Point
ACCESS) with 802.1x supplicant thant can controle ethernet and not wireless
access from supplicant, because i use linux bridge to connect my virtuel
machines to each others (so no wireless or can we simulate wireless
connexion too ?)
clarification on this point will be very appreciated !

Thanks in advance
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