MAC Authentication with FreeRadius

Bouchra Badri bouchra.badri at
Fri Feb 22 12:45:56 CET 2013

Hello, thanks for the quick answer

> Cisco MAB is a *method* you configure on the switch. it still needs a
> backend
> to send the request to - eg a RADIUS server

Yes, of course I'll have to use a Radius server, and many forums say that
if you put the Mac address in both username and password, it will
authenticate if - in the switch - you use Mab... And that's exactly what I
tried to do, but it did not authenticate... Am I doing sth wrong?

> the example VMPS stuff provided gives a clear start. you can either have a
> flat list
> of MACs or stick then into a DB and have the VMPS module query the DB.
So correct me if i'm wrong : I'll have to uncomment the mac2vlan on vmps
file, add MAC-ADD,VLAN-NAME to mac2vlan, change the listening port to 1598
and the auth type to vmps on radiusd.conf, and that's that?
It's just that... I don't exactly see how dynamic vlan assignment works if
you only use a flat list, vmps only shows how to query the DB..

Thank you Alan.
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