MAC-Auth + Freeradius + MySQL Database

Russell Mike radius.sir at
Sat Feb 23 17:07:25 CET 2013

Greetings Dear Alan D. & List Members,

First of all, thank you very much for developing such application. I need
help, i have functional Freeradius server with MySQL backend. i have been
asked to add MAC address authentication support for the servers. i googled
the topic and got many many mail archive results, i tried to read those for
about a day before posting to the maling list. Most of them, administrators
are discussing troubleshoot topics, but i was searching how to.. start
implementation and the REQUIREMENTS. i also came across where guys
are discussing EAP and MAC authentication. i could not conclude, if it is a
better way of doing MAC authentication using EAP.

Finally, i came across wiki documentation. almost everything is there and it
is well explained as well, thanks.  i have now understand how it works. But
SQL part is not still a question.

How to store MACs in MySQL database. Perhaps, i need to create additional table
to store MAC, Honestly, i am not sure how to go about it. Is there any
documentation that i may do NOT know of. and i can follow to finish the

Grate thanks for attending to this request and thanks for your support ever
since !

additional Information: FR_v2.2 With Coova 1.3.0

Regards -- RM
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