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Russell Mike radius.sir at
Sun Feb 24 11:13:28 CET 2013

On Sunday, February 24, 2013, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Russell Mike wrote:
> >i also
> > came across where guys are discussing EAP and MAC authentication. i
> > could not conclude, if it is a better way of doing
> > MAC authentication using EAP.
>   To be clear: you don't.  EAP is authentication.  MAC "authentication"
> is just checking if the MAC address is in a known list.
>   Terminology matters.  Using the right terminology means that the
> solution is usually simple.  Using the wrong terminology means you're
> using the wrong design.
> > How to store MACs in MySQL database. Perhaps, i need to
> > create additional table to store MAC, Honestly, i am not sure how to go
> > about it. Is there any documentation that i may do NOT know of. and i
> > can follow to finish the setup.
>   If all you want is a "known MAC" list, then just put them into a table
> in SQL.  Then, select MAC addresses from the table at run time.  If
> they're found, continue.  If not, reject.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Dear Alan D.

Thanks for guidelines. exactly, as you stated I simple want to store MAC
address somewhere & compair against the request. Can they be in
"radcheck"? Would you recommend that? or seperate table? Storing MAC in
radcheck, would it be correct terminology?

Secondly, i would have list of maximum 500 MACs, how about listing them in
a file. Would it be considerably slow reading from file than DB? I have no
idea because I never used radius with files.

Thanks Alan De. for your support ever
Regards --RM
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