MAC-Auth + Freeradius + MySQL Database

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I know of one person doing something similar to what you are looking to do.
If your NAS sends the MAC of the device with the EAP request, you can
extract the MAC from the request using unlang and check that against a
database of MACs.


No clue how to do this, I just know it can be done.



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Greetings Dear Alan D. & List Members,


First of all, thank you very much for developing such application. I need
help, i have functional Freeradius server with MySQL backend. i have been
asked to add MAC address authentication support for the servers. i googled
the topic and got many many mail archive results, i tried to read those for
about a day before posting to the maling list. Most of them, administrators
are discussing troubleshoot topics, but i was searching how to.. start
implementation and the REQUIREMENTS. i also came across where guys are
discussing EAP and MAC authentication. i could not conclude, if it is a
better way of doing MAC authentication using EAP.


Finally, i came across wiki documentation. almost everything is there and it
is well explained as well, thanks.  i have now understand how it works. But
SQL part is not still a question.


How to store MACs in MySQL database. Perhaps, i need to create additional
table to store MAC, Honestly, i am not sure how to go about it. Is there any
documentation that i may do NOT know of. and i can follow to finish the


Grate thanks for attending to this request and thanks for your support ever
since !


additional Information: FR_v2.2 With Coova 1.3.0


Regards -- RM

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