MAC-Auth + Freeradius + MySQL Database

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He approached the problem differently than most people.  He already had a
database with the MAC addresses.  Due to a deployment mistake in the past he
did not have the passwords from each of 500 EAP clients.  So rather than
going out and changing those addresses he matches up the MAC address with a
paying customer from the database.


The person is in charge of a wireless ISP so scheduling 500 home visits was
a worse option than writing some code to authorize the CPE.




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I know of one person doing something similar to what you are looking to do.
If your NAS sends the MAC of the device with the EAP request, you can
extract the MAC from the request using unlang and check that against a
database of MACs.


No clue how to do this, I just know it can be done.



Dear David, thanks for attending to the request, what do you mean when you

"one person doing something similar to what you are looking to do". Does
other do the MAC-Auth in different way i am doing? 


I read the response from Mr. Alan De. about storing MAC in to Database.
Following wiki also explain how to rewrite calling-station-id using unlang
and further compair against file or DB. 




Your information is appreciable. 


Thanks / Regards

RM --
















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