Problem with quoting (Version 2.2.0)

Sven Anders anders at
Mon Feb 25 16:46:26 CET 2013


We have the following configuration (running FreeRadius version 2.2.0):

eap {
 verify {
  tmpdir = /tmp/radiusd
  client = "/usr/sbin/radius-cert-verifier '${..CA_path}' %{TLS-Client-Cert-Filename}"

Our problem is, that the script /usr/sbin/radius-cert-verifier gets (correctly) two
parameters but the first parameter WITH the single quotes.

We need the quotes here, because ${..CA_path} can contain spaces!

If we remove the single quotes (and we tested double quotes too) and we have a path with
spaces in it, the call fails, because now we get 3 parameters.

What should we do?
Is this a bug in FreeRadius itself?

 Sven Anders

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