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Wed Feb 27 18:23:09 CET 2013

Thanks Phil.
Just a quick add-on question.

In radiusd.conf there is :

#  To disable proxying, change the "yes" to "no", and comment the
#  $INCLUDE line.
#  allowed values: {no, yes}
proxy_requests  = yes
$INCLUDE proxy.conf

Would switching off proxy, be sufficient? Or will I end up with other issues?


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>On 27/02/13 14:46, bpatil at wrote:
>> The RADIUS server gets the Access request and then tries to proxy it
>> to I dont want the request or authentication to be proxied
>> elsewhere. The authentication needs to happen on the local RADIUS server
>> itself. What am I missing in the config?
>If you don't want to proxy the request, don't configure the server to proxy.
>In you case, you should remove the "suffix" module from "authorize" 
>and/or remove the "" realm from the "proxy.conf"
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