Freeradius as DHCP server (static IP + some options)

Leo Combes combesl at
Wed Feb 27 21:27:34 CET 2013

I apollogize for the late response, I have been very busy and I
couldn't keep working on this.

I found the problem!
(at least it works now)

I installed Freeradius from PPA.

DHCP functionality not work when installed from PPA, or at least the
package version 2.2.0 + dfsg-ppa10 not work.
Reason: installed and configured without errors, seems to respond
correctly OFFER and ACK but this packets never leaves the network

SOLUTION: install and configure from sources.

I'm writing a how-to for setting freeradius as DHCP server, completely
from scratch, for static IP allocation, with DHCP options and using
If you allow me, i'd like to post it in this mailing list for you to
test and correct it.


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