Instantiation failed for module "sql" Errors initializing modules

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Jan 10 00:34:15 CET 2013


>    rlm_sql (sql): Driver rlm_sql_sqlite (module rlm_sql_sqlite) loaded and
>    linked

>    rlm_sql (sql): failed after re-connect
>    rlm_sql (sql): database query error, SELECT
>    id,nasname,shortname,type,secret FROM nas: (null)
>    rlm_sql (sql): Released sql socket id: 4
>    Failed to load clients from SQL.


hmmm, looks like Apple might be expecting you to populate some data first
or to prep the sqllite instance before usage.

you proably dont need this functionality (sqllite?) for eg NAS details
(clients.conf is the non-DB place to put them)

edit /private/etc/raddb/sql.conf

and comment out the line that says

readclients = yes


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