Slow Ldap Authorization

Tyler Brady tbrady at
Tue Jan 15 00:35:28 CET 2013

Can someone help point me in the right direction? LDAP is taking too long to authorize due to something in my configuration. Keep in mind that I am about as newb as you can get when it comes to this stuff. I apologize for my ignorance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  [ldap] Bind was successful
  [ldap] performing search in DC=company,DC=com, with filter (&(sAMAccountName=RadiusUser))
  [ldap] rebind to URL ldap://,DC=company,DC=com
  [ldap] rebind to URL ldap://,DC=company,DC=com
  [ldap] rebind to URL ldap://,DC=company,DC=com
  [ldap] ldap_release_conn: Release Id: 0
[files]    expand: (|(&(objectClass=GroupOfNames)(member=%{control:Ldap-UserDn}))(&(objectClass=GroupOfUniqueNames)(uniquemember=%{control:Ldap-UserDn}))) -> (|(&(objectClass=GroupOfNames)(member=CN\3dUser Name\2cOU\3dAlaska_Users\2cDC\3dcompany\2cDC\3dcom))(&(objectClass=GroupOfUniqueNames)(uniquemember=CN\3dUser Name\2cOU\3dAlaska_Users\2cDC\3dcompany\2cDC\3dcom)))
  [ldap] ldap_get_conn: Checking Id: 0
  [ldap] ldap_get_conn: Got Id: 0

Should it rebind three times to different ldap URL? If not, how do I change this? I have tried pretty much every BaseDN combination possible.

Why is it adding  "2c and 3d," here >>      " ...)(member=CN\3dUser Name\2cOU\3dAlaska_Users\2cDC\3dcompany... "

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