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Beeblebrox zaphod at
Fri Jan 18 22:28:58 CET 2013

Dear Alan,

First off, thanks again for your help. I fully appreciate that you are
giving of your time to answer posts, when you really have no obligation
to do so. I know you are one of the developers or project leader since
your name keeps coming up on almost every web page that posts something
about Freeradius.

That said, I would like to comment on the documentation of your project.
It's quite extensive, but equally confusing (at least for me). I am a
FreeBSD user and have a pretty good handle on many advanced issues in
that OS - so I think I am fairly capable of reading and implementing
documentation. However, I have found that your documentation assumes too
much, does not follow much of a logical path, is not organized by topic,
does not "get to the point" and does not have concrete examples /
solutions to at least recurring and common mistakes or errors. When
reading documentation, I'm not interested in becoming an expert in that
subject, I just want to get the damn thing up and working. So in
essence, I'm not able to find the answers I'm looking for in your
documentation, and that's frustrating.

I have found (in debugging other software problems) that it is very
important for the person who knows more and is assisting, to ask the
right questions. Honestly, I have understoode very little from your
posts in this thread (with exception of the last one). Asking some
specific questions, then posting relevant links to the wiki (depending
on the answers from the OP) would be immensly more helpful. I suggest
that you have links in your signature to the entry-level wiki pages
(like faq, debug, etc).

> If you think my response is rude, keep it to yourself.
I don't think that at all and as stated, very much appreciated your
input and taking time (again, without obligation) to provide help. In
fact, I previously refrained on commenting on how I disliked the
documentation structure so as not to appear rude to you.

> will result in you being unsubscribed and banned.
Fascinating! I'm enthralled.

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